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    The world of a new life is created before the new life.  Just like God created the world before he created man; so, in the creation of a human being in the womb, God creates the world of the human being (the micro-womb) before he creates the human being (the micro-embryo). We will provide proof […]

  • Formal Terminology &
    Closer Examination

    Now, here is some of the formal terminology used in cell biology to refer to the micro-womb and micro-embryo. The micro-embryo is called the “inner cell mass” (abbreviated “ICM”) or “embryoblast” or “pluriblast.” The micro-womb before the inner cell mass appears is called a “morula.” The micro-womb after the inner cell mass appears is called […]

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    For information about how the facts reported on this website determine, in part, our position on abortion visit our abortion website.